The Journey to Get Nourished

A little about Get Nourished and our journey so far


2011 - About 6 years ago, I was getting rather fed up of eating lots and lots of chicken and tuna and consuming artificial tasting protein shakes to get the high protein diet I wanted to supplement my fitness training.  Having a high protein diet meant compromising what I ate.  And that sucked.

2015 - Fast forward and about 3 years ago, I was diagnosed as gluten and lactose intolerant.  Which was great because I'd finally worked out why I was getting crippling stomach cramps after playing sport, terrible bloating, wind and indigestion after most meals and crushing tiredness in the afternoon at my desk.  However, overnight it reduced my food options down by around 70%.  Add in my preference for a high protein diet and the options were virtually non-existent.


2016 - So, I decided to take both of these frustrations out into the world and see if I was the only one who had them and, interestingly enough I wasn't. In fact there were lots of people like me that were having to compromise with their food choices, and frankly they didn't want to.

2017 - So, I decided to start making my own.  I gave the first samples to my wife, my sister and her husband who politely managed to only be sick in their mouths and not on my face and so started the journey to creating High Protein Deliciousness free from lactose, gluten and artificial stuff.

2018 - And in January I'll finally be launching the first range of Get Nourished products, our delicious iced coffees.  We hope you love them.


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