Working from home...

 Image Credit:  @barneywarnerphotography

12 months ago I made the ridiculous decision to quit my job and start Get Nourished.  I worked from home for a few months and with a young family that was pretty challenging at times!  I love them all to bits, but productivity was definitely not where it needed to be (more on that another day) and there was no separation between work and home.  Then I spotted this place being advertised on Facebook, went down to this shell of a disused Manor House a couple of days before it opened and met Aamar, a mildly insane serial entrepreneur with infectious energy.  I signed up on the spot and became the first Co-Tribian.   6 months later I'm working out of a buzzing Manor House full of over 70 entrepreneurs from photographers to digital marketers to dogwalkers to financial news organisations, a family of deer, 3 rabbits and a pomodoro clock.

If you're thinking of starting your own business, I would strongly recommend considering a space away from home.  Starting a business can be lonely at times (don't underestimate this) and being at home has its distractions; partners, kids, tradesmen, the postman, the kitchen, the biscuit cupboard, the kettle, the biscuit cupboard.

 Image Credit:  @barneywarnerphotography

Also, you can't beat throwing ideas at like-minded people and getting their unbiased thoughts, networking, feeling the energy of people making businesses successful and having people holding you accountable for getting stuff done.

Take home is, if you're starting your own business, consider co-working before you think you can afford it, it will pay back in productivity in the first week.  And if you're in Surrey or Sussex, I'd seriously consider CoTribe.  An out of town WeWork.  With a second venue coming soon. 

David Towse