Making a difference with Kinetic


As part of our commitment to 'make a difference' Get Nourished have teamed up with The Kinetic Foundation, a not-for-profit registered charity that helps young people achieve their potential through sport providing educational opportunities set in a sports context. Kinetic have been extremely successful supporting hundreds of young people into post 16 education AND, impressively, helping six go on to sign professional contracts with football teams across the country with countless others invited to pro academies.

Recently the Get Nourished team went up to Kinetic's new home in Croydon to meet some of young people involved, talk to them about the importance of getting your nutrition right and to slide on the Copas to see if they could still cut the mustard on the football pitch!


We also took Mike McLoughlin, long term friend of the Get Nourished team and owner of leadership coaching company to talk to the Kinetic management team about the importance of a resilient state of mind and how that can impact on your life and the lives of the people you lead, coach or interact with on a regular basis.  The tips and expertise delivered by Mike was extremely well received by the team.

We will be giving Kinetic 1% of all Get Nourished sales to help them reach and support more kids in the local area as part of our commitment to make a difference for the next generation.  But this is definitely not just a financial relationship, we will be working with Kinetic on providing nutritional and mental wellbeing support on an ongoing basis and as James Fotheringham from Kinetic says 'The two brands work so well together. Dave has a passion for helping educate young people on the importance of nutrition and mental wellbeing and the impact that it has on young people's lives. I’m looking forward to seeing this partnership flourish for years to come.” Exactly.

David Towse