So why high protein coffees first?


My wife and I were sat at the breakfast table on a Saturday morning after she’d taught her classes (Spin and Pump) and I’d been to the gym and swimming with the kids and we were sat surrounded by various drinking vessels.  Two had protein shakes in (mine was a horribly expensive lactose free whey protein isolate) and two were coffees.   Add in the water we’d consumed intra-workout and our bladders were not only full then, but fit to burst consistently over the course of the next few hours!

I’d been experimenting with various product ideas for Get Nourished (which will remain a secret as some of them are still on the list to do!) and was a bit stuck. And then, that day we realised that actually the product was literally staring us in the face.  Instead of a protein shake and a hot coffee, why not have an iced coffee infused with protein?  But people LOVE their coffee, so this has to be a great tasting coffee first and a protein drink second and never a protein shake.  This could NOT be a protein shake.  We tried the competition (high protein and just coffee) and were pleasantly underwhelmed.  There was potential to do much better.

The journey to creating the coffees was a LONG one.  Finding the right protein ingredients was tough.  Accepting that a cold pressed dairy free protein coffee was the vision, but entirely impractical from a supply chain perspective for a limited budget start-up was frustrating (we may go back here in the future!), finding a manufacturer that returned my calls and didn’t want me to make 250,000 bottles per flavour per run was quite soul destroying, finding the balance of protein and other ingredients took many iterations, researching different flavours from a sounds like and tastes like perspective was time consuming but fun and finding the right coffee that packed a punch but wasn’t too bitter was tough.

But we made it.  Literally.  The UK’s first high protein lactose free iced coffees.  A protein drink that I could actually consume with no side effects.  With flavours and slow roasted 100% Arabica coffee and no artificial sweeteners.  We like to think it’s the best ready to drink protein coffee on the market.

And, as must always be the case, we’re still looking at how we can improve them and carefully collecting customer feedback (which happily has been almost exclusively positive so far!) so if you’ve got any PLEASE email me at and I will personally reply to every email.

David Towse